Geometry Dash Lite apk v2.2 latest free download 2020

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Geometry dash lite apk


Intro to Geometry dash lite apk v2.2- one of the amusing game ever.

Geometry dash lite is the lite version of the original mega-successful game geometry dash apk developed by Robtop games. Actually, geometry dash lite is a free version of it with less number of levels. But amusement and excitement do not get reduced. It includes 13 levels of geometry dash lite. To name the few, stereo madness, dry out, polargeist, back on track, and many more. It has become the ultimate craze. It has not failed to attract users after all.

All these levels were present until geometry dash 1.6 updates. After 1.6, all the levels are available in premium version only.

Geometry dash lite apk

Geometry dash lite VS geometry dash apk

1. Lite version has 13 levels whereas geometry dash full version has 22 levels.

2. Level creation system is present in the full version but absent in the lite version.

3. The amazing sound system in both version of geometry dash i.e lite and full version.

4. User-generated levels are present in the full version.

5. Lite version is free whereas the full version comes with the free and premium version.

Geometry dash lite apk

Levels Discussion:

Level 1: Polargeist:

A single ship chain takes place. Polargeist introduces the yellow jump ring, just starting to extend the degree of bypassing challenges, particularly.

Secret coins

  • the very first key coin is located at 44% and collected while the ship. Fly near the ceiling whilst avoiding blocks whilst the coin has to have been approached from being protected by means of a group of blocks underneath it. Upon gathering the coin to clear a block to descend.
  • The 2nd solution coin can be found at 63% and collected since the block. Begin jumping a collection of programs after slipping down a series of columns and slip off the platform to land onto a brief line stage. Immediately jump onto a second line stage and as a result of an exposed section of the coming column with a hopping pad that will launch in the coin and back onto the home route in a hop ring.
  • The next key coin can be found in 77% and accumulated since the cube. Just leap to clean an on-coming spike since you can hit on a concealed gravity pad, after passing under over-head spikes. After hitting on a jump ring to collect the coin being launched into a gravity portal and then go back towards the ground, jumping immediately on another jump ring to clear endings.

Level 2: Back on track


Back introduces the leap pad in the ways of both work and hazard, leading to jump manoeuvres that are more varied. A single ship chain takes place.

  • The very first key coin can be found at 41 % and accumulated whilst the cube. Soon after descending a brief flight of platforms, jump onto a collection of linked platforms having a spike onto one, leap twice up two platforms before sliding towards the earth onto a concealed gravity mat which will launch in the coin and then a gravity portal site, time for the primary path.
  • The second key coin can be found in 55% and accumulated because of the ship. Manoeuvre over the two obstacles and dive into a difference at the 3rd barrier to amass the entire coin within just.
  • The next top key coin can be found in 84% and collected whilst the block. After passing three-block columns and travelling across the 3 string of platforms, jump up two slimmer platforms until slipping under the route. Bound onto the line platform over a spot to amass the coin and then hit on a jump mat to reunite jumping to clean an oncoming surge upon landing.

Download Geometry dash lite apk

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